Junkipedia Membership Program

Last Updated: October 09, 2023 02:39 PM

Junkipedia Overview

Junkipedia is an online tool created by the Algorithmic Transparency Institute, a project of the National Conference on Citizenship. Junkipedia provides a collaborative platform for understanding our digital civic discourse. Junkipedia enables organizations to monitor, collect, and analyze the public conversation on social media to enable public-interest research, journalism, and advocacy. Used by journalists, researchers and civil society organizations, Junkipedia provides an easy-to-use, structured system that supports a range of methods to get data into and out of the platform. 

Members can use the platform to build monitoring feeds based on their specific target area on sources and terms relevant to the topic they want to understand. Members can also collect reports of content they find within the Junkipedia monitoring platform or found anywhere online using a variety of tiplines to submit content via a web form, email, SMS, Slack, and WhatsApp. Organizations using the platform can share their content with any or all of the other organizations using Junkipedia to reduce duplication of effort, spot trends across communities, and enable real-time situational awareness about the evolution of the conversation online.

Access to Junkipedia

Junkipedia is only available to eligible members who have been preapproved by Junkipedia project staff. Eligible members include: newsrooms, journalists, researchers at academic institutions, purpose-focused civil society organizations, and advocacy organizations. To obtain access to Junkipedia, prospective members must submit an application to NCOC in which the applicant describes the purpose they are requesting access to Junkipedia and how they intend to use Junkipedia. Eligible members will be granted access to Junkipedia if their use of Junkipedia is consistent with NCOC’s mission to strengthen civic life in America.

Junkipedia Membership

Institutions with a Junkipedia account are eligible to become Junkipedia members by completing a Junkipedia Membership Application Form and paying membership fees. Junkipedia members will receive the following benefits: 

  • Expanded Junkipedia platform access
  • Unlimited user seats
  • Unlimited list creation
  • Unlimited API Access (within time-based rate limits)
  • Initial personalized onboarding support from Junkipedia staff.
  • Invitations and access to Junkipedia training.
  • Access to Junkipedia documentation and technical resources.
  • Custom data import and integration support.
  • Quarterly check-in meetings with Junkipedia staff
  • Priority consideration of requests for new features on Junkipedia. 
  • Member-only features and services
  • Access and support to create custom account databases 
  • Researcher content labeling and analysis tools
  • Customized public dashboards
  • Preconfigured Dashboards / default view for users
  • Premium Trainings in 2024:
  • Social media monitoring
  • Narrative Development
  • List building
  • Using Review Queues / Tiplines
  • Software Integration with JP
  • General problem / support
  • Labeling for research and analysis